Rectors’ Ramblings   -   New Life From Dead Wood.

I get a lot of pleasure from taking a good photograph. It could be any subject: a landscape, close-up, action shot or portrait.  On a walk with my family recently at Ilam I took a variety of photos and managed to get one I was pleased with.

The photo is of the woodland floor with dead leaves, a few twigs and some logs.  But from under one of the logs some snowdrops had managed to push their way through – their bright white sunlit petals contrasting against the darker, decaying background.

I’ve had a few conversations with people recently where the topic has been about the church dwindling and dying.  It can be a concern, particularly for smaller rural churches where the average age of the congregation often creeps higher and higher.  It is an issue we have to face, but... we can always have hope. Why?  Well, just as spring gets going and there are signs of new life all around us, so we have this story called ‘Easter’ that we remember and celebrate at this time of year.

The message of Easter is about God bringing new life into situations that seem hopeless.  Jesus did that throughout his ministry for countless people.  And then, when he himself was executed (on some dead wood), that was not the end. God raised him to life.

God didn’t stop there.  Like the snowdrops emerging from under the dead wood, God continues to breathe new life and bring hope into situations that seem hopeless.  Is the church dying?  In the six months that I have been in this group of parishes I have seen many signs that God is at work, changing lives and bringing hope, peace and joy.

The church is founded on the good news of the Easter story.  It has lasted for the best part of 2,000 yrs. I have a feeling it’s not going to disappear just yet.

Rev Phil Michell.


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