Some people have lived in our villages all their lives as did many generations before them. But I would hazard a guess that the majority of people in our villages have 'moved in' at some point from 'outside'.  That may have been over 40 years ago when the estate in Hulland was first built and many people moved in at the same time, or it might be someone who has arrived in the last few days.

The question on my mind is this: "How do we welcome newcomers into our communities?"  When my family and I moved here in 2013 we were given a lovely welcome.  As the removers were unloading the lorry, some flowers were delivered to us and then shortly afterwards Katie (next door) appeared with a tray full of cups of tea!  We knew we were  joining a lovely, welcoming place.

In towns and villages across south Derbyshire there are plans being put in place for several new housing developments - many of them being opposed by those who currently live in those areas.

Later this year, several new houses in Hulland Ward will be completed and people will be moving in.  Within a few years it looks like we will have dozens more new homes and therefore even more people moving in.  In the local press there has been articles and letters regarding the possibility of Syrian refugees coming to live in the Ashbourne area too.

Should our 'welcome' be dependent on our view of the new housing schemes?  If we were campaigning against them, how do we welcome those who will live there?  How do we view people fleeing here from Syria and other similar places  -  as 'migrants' or 'refugees'?  How should we welcome these people?

The bible reveals to us that we are all made in the image of God.  In his eyes we are all equally loved and equally precious to him. Jesus himself had been a refugee when his parents fled to Egypt because of the actions of Herod.  His ministry often focussed on those who were on the edges of society, people who were rejected and ignored by society.    Jesus showed compassion.

May we show that same compassion to those who move into our communities - no matter who moves in, or how many.

Rev Phil Michell.

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