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Rector's Ramblings  -  Frozen

For us in Derbyshire, last winter was a good one: little or no flooding, no snow or prolonged periods where the temperature remained below freezing.  For the farmers in particular it made a welcome change from recent winters.

I don't know what the weather will be like when you are reading this, but at the time of writing, it is quite cold - the temperature dropped to about -3 last night and it took a while to de-ice the car this morning before going out.

Winter is often seen as a time for nature to take a breath.  There is little growth when the sun's rays are limited and the temperature drops.  Even the winter barley seems to stop growing for a few weeks.  In our towns and villages and churches, compared to the madness that is the run up to Christmas, there seems to be very little happening.  Sometimes it's good to take a 'breather'.

But actually, there is, and can be growth in winter.  I can already see some buds which have formed on some bushes outside the kitchen window.  Their potential to burst into bloom is evident.

As we march forward into the new year, Christmas soon begins to seem like a distant memory. But it's message of hope, joy and peace is one that might be waiting to burst into bloom. The cold, dark days of January needn't be a time of stagnation if we attend to our souls and allow the warmth of God's love, revealed to us in his Son,  to bring growth: growth in faith, growth in hope and growth in love.

Our feet might be frozen, there might not be much in the way of growth around us, but God's love can cause our hearts to bloom, bringing warmth and light to the dark days of winter.

May God bless you this New Year, and throughout 2015.

Rev Phil Michell


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