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Rector's Ramblings  -  Preparing the Ground

I moved into our current house just over 18 months ago.  Before we moved, we had a large leylandii that was in the new garden cut down.  It was too big for the size of garden, too close to the house and was blocking lots of light.  By the time we moved in, only the stump remained.  Many months later, I have finally got around to digging out the stump, turning over the soil and removing stones and roots.  I have now constructed a wooden border for this patch of the garden to create a raised bed.  All I need now is some more topsoil and some manure and I'll have an area to grow things I can eat!

It's taken a while to get to this stage.  It's taken a lot of effort.  I'm now moving from the 'clearing out' stage onto the 'growing' stage.  I just need to decide what to plant!  Then, hopefully, there will be a 'harvesting' stage.

Our journey of faith can often mirror nature: There are times when things need to be cut out, or removed altogether.  There are times when things need to rest and be left for a while.  There are times for planting and growth.  The first stages of preparing the ground can be hard, it can take a long time, it can sometimes be painful, but unless it is done, whatever is planted will only have limited opportunities to grow.

The apostle Paul wrote on more than one occasion about getting rid of the old, before taking on the new (eg Ephesians 4:22).

We're well into Spring now - a time when a lot of growth happens in nature.  May it also be a time of growth in faith... but is there some 'clearing out' that needs to happen first?

Rev Phil Michell





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